Everything you need to know about Clown Shoes

A good quality leather clown shoe will last you a lifetime. They are an integral part of your clown character and costume.

The outside size of your clown shoe should be determined by your height, weight, costume and what you do as a clown. Consider what you do when ordering your clown shoes. Is your clown character clumsy? Or do you juggle? Do you do face painting? Or do you just walk around?

These are some of the many things you need to answer when ordering your clown shoes so that it will not interfere with your total clown performance.

The many sole shapes that are offered, will help compliment your costume. Shoes should complete your costume, you want people to look at you, not just your feet.

Colors should be compatible with your "work" costume as well as your parade and advance costumes.

If you are new to clowning, and are still trying to "set" your character be a little neutral in your color choices for your clown shoes. Or pick colors for your clown shoes, that you are going to incorporate in your costume regardless of your character.

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